My workshop

My workshop

My Workshop

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Since there are always questions about my workshop, I have created a small overview here (photos of the entire workshop can be found below).

I don't have a real workshop, but use the basement of my house. This offers only limited space for tools and machines, so everything is very compact and space-saving. I try to avoid work that causes a lot of noise or coarse dirt and concentrate on things like 3D printing or laser cutting, which I can also do well in the basement. I also had CNC in the basement for a short time, but that was too loud and too dirty for me. Due to the lack of a garage or shed, I then returned the CNC.

Tools, machines and materials

3D printer

Printers + Accessories Details Ordering option
Raise3D Pro2
Ultimaker 2+
Creality LD-002R
ELEGOO Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and curing machine for 3D printing resins To the product
Magigoo MO2016 Pen For fixing on the print bed. I get along much better with it than with the usual Pritt-pen method To the product
3M Silicone Full Face Mask For dealing with the ELEGOO printer and the highly allergenic resins - you feel like Walter White đŸ€Ș To the product
Nitrile gloves No resin 3D printing without nitrile gloves To the product


Machine Details Ordering option
Disc grinding machine 800W 305mm To the product
Bosch bench drill PBD 40 To the product
Metabo KGS 216M cross-cut saw 1500W Not a professional device, but takes up little space and is ok for occasional cuts To the product
Festool CTL Midi Mobile Dust Extractor It is nice that the vacuum cleaner starts automatically when the tool is used To the product


Table Tool Details Ordering option
Bosch Professional Cordless Screwdriver GO The ingenious thing about this screwdriver is that it switches on by applying pressure to the workpiece To the product
Rapid Glue Gun EG360 Hot glue guns always broke after months, so I once invested in a neat one and did not regret it To the product
Safety goggles Dewalt DPG82-11 My favorite goggles. Fits comfortably and has a large field of vision To the product
Electric Compressed Air Spray Almost as strong as the one from the bottle - but is never empty To the product
ALUTEC assortment box series Profi 400 The basis for my small parts assortment warehouse To the product
Benning voltage tester DUSPOL expert Actually a tool for the electrician - I treated myself to it because it is so beautiful and I like to use it again and again To the product
WEIDMÜLLER wire strippers After many tried wire strippers, this is the first one that works really well for me To the product
Ranuw LCR-T7 Transistor Tester Visually something like from the 1980s, but detects diodes, transistors, capacitances, inductors and resistors surprisingly reliably To the product
Bench Power Supply DC310S If you make the fan a little quieter, a good and inexpensive solution for a laboratory power supply To the product

Favorite materials

Material Details Ordering option
Elastic Clay Elastic 2K epoxy modelling clay To the product
Knetfix Waterproof 2k epoxy resin modelling clay To the product
Weld seam from the bottle My favorite industrial glue To the product
Label remover Solvent50 Good for removing soft paint that has become sticky To the product
Drilling & Cutting Oil For threading and drilling in metals To the product
KIWI design VR Cable Management Originally intended for VR headsets, but also great for attaching power and USB cables to the ceiling To the product
Ammunition case For storing LiPo batteries To the product

Impressions from the workshop

Here you can get a little insight into the cellar workshop.

My Workshop

My Workshop

My Workshop

My Workshop

My Workshop

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