A holographic desktop assistant

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First tries to find out the best position for the Philips Pico Pix 4010 LED-Projector, the acrylic plate and the mirror - using Makerbeam parts.

3d printing the final mount.

First test for the beamer and mirror mount.

The base plattform, designed for 3d printing.

The 3d printed base plattform, including 4 Makerbeam parts and two of 8x8 neopixel boards.

Tests for the projection sizes on the acrylic tube - simulated by a sheet of paper.

Assembled prototype 1 including bended acrylic foils and a projection plate insite the tube. The 3d printed housing for beamer and mirror is added, too.

First tests with prototype 1.

Version 2 used a more stable acrylic tube instead of foils.

The assembled prototype 2

The raspberry pi on the left controls the neopixel and a additional beamer fan.

Testing the neopixel board in white/blue...

... and red color.

Final test for prototype 2.

The second prototype is completed.

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