RC Servo Cheat Sheet

RC Servo Cheat Sheet


RC servos are controlled via a PWM signal. The PWM signal can be generated for example via a digital pin of the Arduino or ESP32. The length of the signal in microseconds determines the position of the servo. Most of these servos do not have a 360° rotation, but mostly only a range of 180° or even a few degrees more.

Unfortunately, the translation of signal length to servo position varies depending on the model. Often the manufacturers do not specify the values at all. To determine the signal duration in microseconds for the two end positions and the corresponding angles, I have developed the tool ServoSensei based on ESP32.

The following table shows as a cheat sheet the signal lengths and other information of the servos I have already tested. The signal lengths are given in microseconds. The angle ranges are given in degrees.

All data are without guarantee and correspond to the values determined by me practically.

Manufacturer / Model Signal min Signal max Range Image (click to zoom) Notes
AGF-RC / C1.5CLS PRO R (9MM) 710 2300 9mm
BLUE BIRD / BMS-630MG 790 2140 150°
DSSERVO / DS3218 MG 370 2620 210°
GOTECK / GS-9018 580 2500 180°
Guo Hua / 9g A0090 430 2580 200°
GWS / S35-STD 1000 < 1490 1490 > 2200 endless speed by signal
HiTec / HS-422 deluxe 450 2510 200°
HJ / S3315D Robot Servo 480 2580 200°
LongRuner / LKY61 500 2480 180°
Magic-Q / QDS-15RO 600 2360 220°
Miuzei / SG90 MS 18 480 2500 190°
MODELCRAFT / 0112 550 2200 210°
MODELCRAFT / VSD-1 820 2150 130°
SPRINGRC / SR-402P 430 2450 170°
TowerPro / MG90D DiGital 710 2280 155°
TowerPro / MG995 500 2500 180°
TowerPro / SG92R 480 2490 190°
Waveshare / WS-MG996R 360 2600 210°
? / W4505-4T 200 < 460 460 > 600 endless fixed speed


If you want to add a servo, please send me an email with the appropriate information and ideally a photo of the servo. I am also happy about hints for errors or improvements.


The ServoSensei is a small tool that determines the signal length in microseconds for the two end positions and the corresponding angles. It can also be used to calibrate the real MHz frequency for a PCA9685 PWM chip. The manufacturing tolerance in the range of about 23-27MHz has otherwise reflected on the generated signal length.

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